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Our Educators 


Lolita personally trained all of her educators to ensure the highest quality teacher...

Lolita has always wanted to assist Joe in his dream of the entire world doing Pilates but only if it is done correctly. She doesn't want to train as many teachers as possible but only train outstanding teachers. Therefore, her challenge was to create a unique training program that educates Pilates teachers who will acquire a high level of practical knowledge with a flawless understanding of the origin of the Pilates method and its future challenges. Legacy Educators are a very small elite group of Pilates instructors that were chosen from Lolita's Disciples, those who graduated from her Pilates Master Mentor Program. 

The only instructors eligible to teach her method were chosen from her training program because they showed passionate, and dedication to pass on the integrity and the genius of the Pilates method through Lolita's Legacy™ 

Joseph Pilates was a genius by creating Pilates in its time and its combined heritage with the latest scientific research on movement, has allowed Lolita's Legacy™ to become one of the most respectful of the traditional method while opening the mind of every teacher to a more contemporary and more adapted method to today's expectations.

Joseph Pilates was over 50 years ahead of his time and we hope to do the same by having creating this unique international training program, helping you to turn into a timeless and evolved Pilates teacher.

United States Educators 


Danielle Armstrong 

Danielle owns Pilates Life Studio in Palm Beach Gardens Florida and is proud to share a studio space with Lolita San Miguel's Lolita's Pilates Center. Learn more about Danielle.

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Amber Butler 

Amber owns Precision Pilates of Spokane in Spokane, Washington. She was one of the first women to teach Lolita's Legacy. Learn more about Amber. 

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Laura Cordle 

Laura Cordle teaches the Legacy out of Pilates Studio 1 in West Palm Beach, she is also the associate program coordinator for Lolita's Legacy. Learn more about Laura. 

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Ariana Dupar 

Originally from Argentina, Ariana moved to south Florida to study more with Lolita San Miguel. Learn more about Ariana.

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Tanya Miller owns Swayze Studio, My Body Pilates in Harlingen, Texas. Learn more about Tanya.

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Tanya Miller


Jennie owns Studio Flo Pilates in San Diego and offers a variety of continuing education courses and mentors teachers all over. Learn more about Jennie. 

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Jennie Rathke


Marian Llamas 

Marian owns Pilates Studio 1 in West Palm Beach, Florida. Learn more about Marian. 

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Barbara Newman 

Barbara owns Be New Pilates Studio just outside the greater Chicagoland area in Lake Zurich, Illinois. Learn more about Barbara.

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Brittany Taylor 

Brittany teaches throughout the San Diego area but teaches Legacy at Studio Flo Pilates. Learn more about Brittany.

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Maru owns La Pilatera in Puerto Rico. Learn more about Maru.

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Maru Toro


International Educators 


Glaucia owns Fit Studio in Brasilia, Brazil and is Lolita's Brazil representative. Learn more about Glaucia. 

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Glaucia Adriana


Lynn Grandjean owns One Pilates Studio in Geneva, Switzerland. Learn more about Lynn. 

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Lynn Grandjean


Katia works at Pilates Studio Strasbourg in Strasbourg France. Learn more about Katia

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Katia Hammouche 


Iva owns Pilates Studio Strasbourg in Strasbourg, France. Learn more about Iva. 

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Iva Mazzoleni


Stéphane owns Pilates Strategy in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. Learn more about Stéphane.

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Stéphane Poretti


Daisy teaches at Pilates Health studio in Asunción, Paraguay. Learn more about Daisy.

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Daisy Raquel


Marjo Rask

Marjo owns Pilates Place in Tampere. Learn more about Marjo.

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Robyn owns Pilates Works in Sydney, Australia. Learn more about Robyn.  

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Robyn Rix


Zoé owns Studio Azwell Pilates & Yoga. Learn more about Zoé . 

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Zoé Rothwell


Junko owns Body Pilates Studio in Japan, learn more about Junko

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Junko Sakurai


Amy Sasso teaches in Costa Rica, learn more about Amy Sasso.

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Amy Sasso


Katya teaches out of Kiev, Ukraine and has graduated the most Legacy teachers! Learn more about Katya. 

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Katya Smirnova


Sabrina teaches out of Balans Pilates Studio in Scotland. Learn more about Sabrina. 

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Sabrina Faith Simpson


Elif owns Elif Pilates Studio in Turkey. Learn more about Elif. 

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Elif Toker


Joakim owns Balans Pilates Studio and Treatment rooms in Scotland. Learn more about Joakim. 

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Joakim Valsinger


Larissa owns Centre Pilates de Lausanne in Lausanne France. Learn more about Larisa. 

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Larisa Vidosavljevic


Laura teaches out of four Pilates Studios throughout the United Kingdom. Learn more about Laura 

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Laura Weavers