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Larisa Vidosavljevic


Larisa discovered the Pilates Method during her dance career and immediately felt the benefits of the method. She connected with the precision and the fluidity of the movements. The benefits of the method helped  her prevent injuries and improved her overall performance in dance. She completed her first Pilates Education in 2006/2007 at the International Organization Polestar in Germany. She holds great importance to the evolution of the Pilates Method and attends conferences every year to stay current with the latest scientific developments.  In 2015, she was accepted to follow the "Lolita's Pilates Master Mentorship Program", and was certified in 2016 by Lolita San Miguel. She feels grateful to have received all this knowledge from such amazing Pilates Educators and now excited to share her experience and passion for this method.


Centre Pilates de Lausanne 

The Pilates Studio is located in the heart of Lausanne, in a beautiful, bright and friendly atmosphere. The Studio is fully equipped with all apparatus (Reformer, Cadillac, Combo Chair, Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector) and all other Pilates equipment. The Studio offers a very pleasant waiting room and a small kitchenette area where you can take your lunch. To give you all comfort throughout your training modules, we offer also coffee, tea and small goodies. You will find many restaurants, supermarkets, and bakeries next to the Studio.

The Studio is close to the main train station in Lausanne with parking abilities nearby and it is easily accessible by public transport (bus, metro). Larisa Vidosavljevic, who manages the Pilates Studio since 2010, will give you with great pleasure assistance throughout the whole training program.

All observation hours can be held at Larisa's studio or at any other studio of your choice with the approval of your educator as long as the studio is fully equipped.

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Lausanne, Switzerland

Educator: Larisa Vidosavljevic