Frequently Asked Questions


Why Chose Lolita's Legacy?


Lolita San Miguel was one of two people who was certified by the founder of the Method, Joseph Pilates. Lolita’s Legacy is considered to be one of the most thorough programs on the market detailing each pieces of Pilates apparatus, history, and evolution of the method. These principles incorporate the most up-to-date biomechanical theories of movement and exercise science, while honoring the history and original methodology, and progressing through different levels, contraindications, and variations.

What are the benefits of becoming a Legacy Instructor?


A Legacy Instructor certificate of completion is the elite throughout the Pilates community. As a result, our instructors are respected innovators and contributors to the fields of movement and fitness.

How does the program work?


Our Pilates program is set up in modular Systems, these segments are often offered on weekends to allow those working or with busy weekly schedules to be able to participate, but the schedule varies at each education center.

Each System covers a specific amount of work designed to create a smooth, educational sequence flowing through the fundamentals and varying apparatus in a way that is digestible and easily integrated from one System into another.

Can I get certified on just the Mat, or individual equipment or do I have to take the entire course?


No, Lolita believes a true Pilates Teacher can teach mat and on every apparatus. The program is structured so you must complete one System and hour requirements before continuing to the next System intensive.

How do I do my personal practice, observation and apprentice teaching hours?


COURSE CONTACT HOURS- 184 hours - These are the hours you spend during the intensive sessions lead by your educator. Each System has a requirement of hours that must be completed before moving on to the next module.


OBSERVATION – 124 hours - Steep yourself in knowledge from our professional Pilates trainers! You'll receive free access to our trainers to deepen your learning experience. Always ask the instructor and client before observing, be quite and courteous when observing a session, do not interrupt, take hand written notes no recording devices, do not intimidate the client, and turn off your phone and electronic devices.

 You are not required to observe Legacy taught instructors, although it is recommended, be aware of the different modifications and variations and understand how to identify Lolita’s when testing. You also have the online option of logging up to 25 hours on Pilates Anytime or with Lolita’s DVD’s with documented proof the class was observed.

SELF-PRACTICE- 100 hours - You must complete these hours by reviewing exercises with fellow trainees, being taught by fellow trainees, and taking group classes and private sessions with a certified instructor. You are required to take a minimum of 10 private sessions with your Legacy Educator throughout the entire duration of the program.

PRACTICE APPRENTICE TEACHING- 92 hours - Put your new skills into practice by teaching your family and friends. Within these hours you are required to teach a variety of sessions: privates, semi-privates, group equipment classes, and group mat classes. To receive credit for the apprentice hour you must exclusively teach the exercises you learned in the previous System intensive. It is recommended to have 4-5 “clients” in case some drop off and you can observe the progress of a client through the Pilates repertoire, these ‘mock clients’ are required to sign a waiver of liability before working out at the Education Center, and cannot have any pre-existing disabilities or restrictions.  

 Do you offer a certification?


Our program, like those of the other leaders in the Pilates industry, offers an assessment-based certificate of completion, not a “Pilates Certification”. Our guidelines and expectations meet and are at the recommendation of the Pilates Method Alliance. Upon completion of Lolita's Legacy Teacher Training Program you will be eligible to take the PMA exam. 

Do you meet Pilates Method Alliance guidelines?


Yes. Not only do we meet the PMA guidelines, Lolita San Miguel is proud to have been one of the founding members of the Pilates Method Alliance and supports the efforts of the PMA to create a standard of excellence within the Pilates community. We encourage our students, once completing our program, to take the PMA exam and find that our students are not only prepared, but excel. Get information on the PMA

Do I have to take all of my courses at the same location?


No. Lolita’s Legacy Teacher Training Program was designed to be taught in sequence Systems that translate universally to any Legacy Education Center. As long as you take courses in the appropriate sequence, you can take them anywhere in the world that suits your needs and schedule

Is there a final test out?


To complete your program of choice there is a test out which consists of a case study, a practical examination, and written examination. The case study the practical examination requires for each student to be responsible to demonstrate competence in class design, appropriateness of exercise choices, exercise progressions and regressions as well as equipment set up, safety and appropriateness. The written examination consists of multiple choice, fill in the blank and essays.