Policies  & Procedures

These are general Lolita’s Legacy™ Policies. Please refer to the specific course and education center policies when registering for instructor training at any of our licensed training facilities around the world.

Absent & Make-up Hours

It is strongly advised that make-up hours are done as soon as possible after they are missed - especially if it occurs in the middle of a course. This allows students to cover the missed material prior to returning to the course. Please note that this is done in private review at the student’s expense. Students have six months to make up any hours missed. If they exceed this timeline, the course is forfeited, and the entire course must be retaken to examine and certify. A student cannot graduate if they have not completed all the required hours.

Chronic Tardiness

Lolita’s Legacy Students are expected to be prepared and on time for each weekend intensive. Chronic tardiness will be considered grounds for dismissal. 

Completing the Program

Upon successful completion of the exam, students are considered Pilates Instructors from their exam date. If the student takes the exam on two separate days, the later date is the date that they may refer to themselves as Pilates Instructor. CECs are then earned the next full calendar year after, regardless of the month they take the exam.

Video & Audio Recording Sessions 

Audio or video recordings of courses being taught is strictly prohibited. If there are exceptional circumstances that make this necessary, the student must apply for and receive express written permission from the Program Coordinator, Lillian Velazquez, and an additional contract must be signed restricting it’s use. A copy of the video or audio file must be submitted to headquarters. This policy is to help us avoid any infringement on our intellectual property.


25 hours of Pilates practice at Education Center. If the 25 hours of Pilates practice are completed at a different studio, proof of attendance will be required. 50% Mat Classes and 50% Equipment or Private Classes.  

  • Full understanding of the Pilates concepts and principles with ability to apply them during personal practice. These include:  

  • Ability to perform Pilates exercises under the direction of the mind.   

  • Body awareness. 

  • Ability to follow and apply LLTTP Educator’s directions. 

  • Ability to reproduce those directions at a later session.  

  • Ability to demonstrate previously learned exercises.  

  • Ability to perform intermediate level (System 2) Pilates exercises proficiently. 

  • Absence of injuries, health conditions or issues that prohibit executing advanced (System 3) repertoire.   

  • If injuries, health conditions or issues exist, and student is approved by LLTTP Educator, student must comply with all the contraindications that apply to their condition. Failure to comply with such contraindications could result in dismissal from LLTTP without refund of previously taken group classes, private classes or workshop hours.  

  • If medical condition is present, please submit a written diagnosis from your doctor. 

  • If pregnant or student becomes pregnant during the program, a doctor’s note must be submitted, in order to continue the program.  

  • Pilates Legacy Education Center refrains from admitting anyone into the program for any of the reasons listed above.  

  • Pilates Legacy Education Center does not discriminate. No applicant will be denied based on race, national origin, age, religion, disability, gender identity, gender expression, or sexual orientation. 

  • Students must have a high school diploma or equivalent GED to enter the program.  

  • Pilates Legacy Education Center can accommodate a maximum of ten (10) students per group. Full payment of the $500.00 registration fee ensures enrollment in the course. This is determined on a first come first serve basis.    

  • Student’s File required content: 

    • Picture Identification: Driver’s License, Immigration Card, or Passport 

    • Completed Registration Form 

    • Signed Enrollment Agreement  

    • Signed Sexual Harassment Procedure 

    • Signed Waiver of Consent and Liability 

    • Signed Code of Ethics 

    • Signed Medical Screening Form 

    • Written diagnosis from Doctor (if medical condition is present)

Special Exam Accommodations 

Special exam accommodations may be arranged for students with disabilities or circumstances that prevent them from taking the Lolita’s Legacy written examination as outlined in our regular procedures. To be considered, a formal request supporting the student's situation must be provided to the Program Director of Education at least 30 days prior to the scheduled examination date. Lolita’s Legacy reserves the right to determine the reason of the accommodation requested.

Unethical Behavior Policy

Lolita’s Legacy takes dishonest and unethical behavior very seriously. If a student is found to have cheated on any exam a mark of zero will be recorded for that exam and the student will be unable to re-take that exam for a minimum of six months. Lolita’s Legacy Teacher Training Program or the local Legacy Education Center will not be held responsible for any adverse effect this policy may have.

Grievance & Appeals Process 

Students who choose to submit a formal grievance regarding their education training may do so in writing to Lillian Velazquez within 30 days of the course or workshop completion. Grievances should include details regarding the specific situation, the desired resolution of the grievance, and any other relevant supporting information. All grievances will be attended to within 60 days of receipt.