Preserve & Evolve.

Patience and persistence are vital qualities in the ultimate successful accomplishment of any worthwhile endeavor.
— Joseph Pilates

Mission Statement

The mission of the Lolita’s Legacy Teacher Training Program is to impart comprehensive Pilates education to prepare graduates for the highest standards of professional competence in the practice of Pilates.  

  • To continue to develop the growth nationally and internationally of The Pilates Method for the benefit of humanity. 

  • To provide a holistic approach to movement therapy by combining the body-mind, energetic aspects of the human body with the Pilates Method. 

  • To explain the differences between the historical Pilates exercises and what we refer to as contemporary Pilates exercises, as well as applying this information to today’s society. 

Company Goals

These are the goals for Lolita’s Legacy Teacher Training Program, LLC and it’s educators through 2020. Our company objective is to continuously improve the competency of the program and its teachers, never stop learning.  

  • To ensure all our Educators are of the highest quality and have personally trained with Lolita San Miguel.  

  • To expand the understanding of the Pilates Method internationally. 

  • To obtain vocational school licensing for our school. 

  • To have all our teachers PMA Certified. 

  • To develop continuing education programs for our graduates. 

  • To maintain a registry of all our graduates and promote them on our website. 

  • To translate all education materials into 10 languages by 2020. 

  • To graduate 500 Pilates teachers by 2020.

Course Objectives

Our company's objective is to continuously improve the competency of the program and its teachers never stop learning.

  • Expand the understanding of the Pilates Method internationally

  • Offer our education program in 10 languages

  • The goal of Lolita’s Legacy's training is to produce outstanding Pilates teachers that are competent, passionate and respectful of the Method and the legacy they have received.

  • Produce quality instructors: Lolita has decided that only people she has personally trained can teach Lolita's Legacy. Legacy students striving for excellence are assured of a training that is of the highest quality.


Introduction to Lolita's Legacy

Welcome to Lolita's Legacy, conveniently we offer our program in 6 different languages and 18 different countries. Our program is internationally recognized, so you can teach Pilates in any country throughout the world. Here, our educators understand the history of the method, how the method has evolved, and know where it is going, every educator has trained directly with Lolita San Miguel and knows how she wants her mark on the Pilates Industry to be left. As one of the two people who were certified by Joseph Pilates, Lolita holds a special honor to the way Joe started his method, understanding he truly was 50 years ahead of his time. Through the course of her life there were scientific discoveries about proper spinal health and Lolita wanted to incorporate those findings in with the original way the method began. In this teacher training program you will learn the history of the Method, both historical and contemporary exercises, as well as variations, modifications, and contraindications of each exercise.  Our mission is to impart comprehensive Pilates education and to prepare graduates for the highest standards of professional competence in the practice of Pilates.


We aim to educate our Legacy trainees in a safe environment while offering them necessary comprehensive education. We understand that in today's environment there are so many styles of Pilates, we wanted to create an education program that gives an understanding on every aspect so they can educate others properly. By combining the latest discoveries with traditional techniques, we give our clients the best training in the industry.

Lolita San Miguel, Founder, President 

Lolita San Miguel, began studying the Pilates Method after a knee injury while dancing with the Metropolitan Opera. She was first certified by Carola Trier when she realized not only was Joe Pilates still alive but he was down the street! She went to Joe with long time friend Kathy Grant and began training with the founder of the Method, Joseph Pilates. 


Lillian Velazquez, Program Coordinator, 

Lillian has been by Lolita's side for almost 30 years assisting Lolita in all of her business goals from Ballet Concierto in Puerto Rico to Lolita's Pilates Master Mentor Program, and now Lolita's Legacy Pilates Teacher Training Program.  After witnessing first hand Lolita's successes in the Pilates Method she encouraged Lolita to get all of her knowledge into a program that was so thorough no other program could compete. After 30 years Lillian helped Lolita write her program and runs it, if you have any questions please contact Lillian for all things Lolita. 

Hiram Cintron, Chief Financial Officer 

Hiram Cintron is the husband of Lolita San Miguel, with his background in Banking and Finance they became quite the power couple in the industry with Lolita running the Pilates education side and Hiram handling the business antics and financials of the company. Hiram has had the privilege of seeing the growth of the Pilates Industry and how it is growing, if you have any questions about the finances or contracts for Lolita's Legacy please contact Hiram.