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Katia Hammouche


Katia Hammouche is responsible for our French territory and your support person for France.

Student of Iva Mazzoleni and director of her studio Pilates Strasbourg since 2010, Katia is passionate about the method with a love of learning and an extraordinary Pilates pedagogy. Her great qualities of sharing and her professionalism make her a person very appreciated by the French Pilates community.

Former athlete, it was natural that her search for a comprehensive training method, which respects the body, leads to the practice of Pilates. She went to train in Switzerland Pilates Institute, a contemporary school, to improve her own practice and understanding of the principles of the method. Learning from internationally renowned instructors increases her interest in Pilates. She went, moreover, continuous training with Pilates Institute but also looks to more traditional approaches of the method. She has been over a year in a mentorship program with Iva Mazzoleni, second-generation teacher. This training allows her to meet and work with Lolita San Miguel, Mary Bowen, Kathy Corey...

Finally, she is also studying the Pilates repertoire through the concept of Anatomy Trains of Tom Myers (CPM Education (Contrology Pilates Method)) and this unique map where the body is seen as an intense myofascial network connections.

After spending a lot of time to "understand" and "learn" Katia used that experience to better integrate the method through learning based primarily on experimentation. Accompanied by Iva Mazzoleni, she meets and discovers more work and approach of Lolita San Miguel, Mary Bowen, Kathy Corey... Her desire to return to the roots of the method and the wish to have the honor of being educated by Mrs. Lolita San Miguel pushes her to apply for the "Pilates Master Mentor Program" in 2015. This unique experience made her completely believe in the approach of Lolita San Miguel and the desire to help in her “legacy" program for new teachers. Following the mentorship, she became a second-generation teacher and an educator for "Lolita's Legacy" program which she considers one of the best program currently on the market in terms of pedagogy.

In Strasbourg, Katia created the Institute of Pilates, the first training school approved by the French Pilates Federation (FPMP) in the East of France. Workshops are also offered during the year for continuing education and the training program of Lolita San Miguel for new Pilates teachers is now recognized by the federation. The school is considered as a training organization (OF) (for the state) and allows applications for financing aid.

Katia has been for ten years in charge of public health studies. Initially formed in Demography and Sociology, she is interested thereafter to psychology. She is now pilates teacher and clinical psychologist. Her approach and her teaching of the method are resolutely turned towards the student in his singularity in order to accompany him in the development of all his potentialities.

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Studio Pilates Strasbourg

The studio is located at 21 rue Sleidan, in one of the historical districts of Strasbourg which has the advantage of being close to the city center and the European institutions. It is only 5min away from the motorway with parking abilities nearby and easily accessible via bus or tram.

Former apartment, the studio is a peaceful place in a building dating from the beginning of the XIXth century that gives it a unique flair. The pretty windows of the room of work face one of the most beautiful houses of Jugendstil’s style in Strasbourg.

Studio Pilates Strasbourg is fully equipped with Joseph traditional equipment and offers a very bright and warm atmosphere. On place, you have a changing room, bathroom with shower if needed and a kitchen area for your lunch. (Your meals can be refrigerated if necessary).

In order to welcome you, you are always offered tea, coffee and sweets... to better review your courses and discuss with your teacher and the other students.

The space divided into two large room of work (as well as a large locker room and an office) allows both clients and students to work either in groups or in pairs or trios, leaving everyone with enough privacy in their work.


Strasbourg, France

Educator: Katia Hammouche


Mat System

Session 2:

  • August 31 - September 3, 2017

Session 1:

  • August 6 - August9, 2017

System I

Session 2:

  • December 15 - December 18, 2017

Session 1:

  • November 3 - November 5, 2017

System II

Session 1:

  • February 23 - February 25, 2018

Session 2:

  • April 20- April22, 2018

System III

  • August 7 - August 8, 2018
  • July 2 - July 3, 2018